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luc_alexis_leuthold_on_mirror38, chemist (PhD), happy husband and dad, happy bike-commuter, happy Christian and pragmatic ecologist – not involved actively into politics, but just by action. That’s why bike-commuting was the option of choice. Also living in co-housing.

This blog was started :
- to motivate others to use less their cars and bike commute (I know, this sounds pretentious, but I was motivated by some blogs and the exemple of a brother-in-law – hi Pierre ! As it motivated me to see others doing it, I was encouraged to choose the “more difficult path”) ;
- to share some of my (technical) experiences (tips & tricks, with the gear I’m using, pros & cons).

And you, what do you do now, yourself, to reduce your carbon foot-print ?

Hagenthal-le-Haut (Alsace, France),
Luc Alexis Leuthold

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