Trike Performer X-FRP, mounted with Veltop rain protection (here, taken out), a Lumicycle LED3Si front light, a DiNotte 300 R taillight (more on the “lights” page), 2 pannier bags, and some additional little gear.

But on the bike… why did I choose that one ? I was looking for a trike,
1) to be able to protect myself from rain (with an appropriate rain protection – you can get some for “standard bikes”, but a trike looked a better configuration for me),
2) to ride differently.

I went them on the bentocaz website, a French website on second-hand recumbents. Checking around, I found that one, almost new, all mounted (which saved me quite some time), already with the Veltop. And bought it of course.

Pros : full rain protection with the Veltop ; may cary stuff in the back (not on my back) ; and most of all, just the fun of riding in this position.
: heavier than a regular bike (19 kg).

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