Cateye Commuter, mounted on the left handle bar.

Why ? Large display, with independant areas ;
- temperature display ;
- thought some “Commuter” functions would be interesting (e.g. ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival), CO2 offset).
large display, with 4 areas at a glance; no button, just push the bottom part of the computer, and it changes the display / function.
SO hard to change settings (e.g. the time for day-light saving) afterwards.
great tool – so far, so good. Even wireless but mounted in a non-standard fashion, it was easily fixed and is well working (the wireless). But I never used so far some of the “commuter functions”, as CO2 offset ! ETA is nice with its progress bar, but I rarelly look at it, as my ride is quite predictable (+/- 1 minute).

From the side : the green pocket is for my company badge – when entering the main gate, it is well accessible to be pulled out and shown to the security people.

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